Therapy Style

Looking at my therapeutic style, it is safe to say that I have been fairly eclectic in the approaches I have taken as you can see from the descriptions I have already given you on the Conditions and Treatments page of this site. It is fair to say as well though that I have followed some analytic concepts in my practice referring to self-psychology and to Jung as two of the areas that I find very important for me. I also have used a lot of existential concepts in my therapy as well as cognitive behavioral therapy and as well as client-centered. There is also a lot of trying to educate and help people understand what is going on with them and what it is they are facing so that they can muster their own forces to help reconstruct their lives.


In the past twenty-eight years I have had the unique experience of being able to practice in Los Angeles in the San Fernando Valley and treat many people.  Of the thousands of patients I have seen over the last twenty-eight years I think I have had a flavor of psychiatry at this time that is unparalleled in terms of the experience that I have gained and the amount that I have learned by being allowed to practice.  I have also been able to remain extremely current in psychopharmacology and I have kept up with all of the more modern research of our time and find this a way of being able to be of great service to the patients that I have treated.  This requires a great amount of effort and time on my part but is well worth it in terms of the amount of gratitude I gain from my patient population for this effort. 

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